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auroraa clinic
Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic
Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

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Auroraa Clinic is Chennai’s Well Renowned Skin and Cosmetic Clinic with certified medical and aesthetic professionals focusing on transforming lives of people of all ages, with expertise spanning dermatology, hair care and cosmetology treatments.

At Auroraa, we offer High Quality Treatments & Advanced Technology Procedures by using state of the art Equipment and well trained and certified Professionals that are hard to find in India., At Auroraa we also provide treatments based on each individual’s wants and needs thus ensuring comfortable treatment schedules and optimum results.

Why Auroraa

Glowing Skin Glowing Life
Surpassing Expertise
Surpassing Expertise

Certified & Experienced Professional care

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Thousands Of Satisfied Patients

Transforming Lives
Transforming Lives

10 Years of Excellence in Transforming Lives

Individualized Treatments 1
Individualized Treatments

Individualized Treatment For Optimum Results

Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar

MBBS, MD(DVL)., FAM (Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine)
Specialist in Dermatology & Cosmetology

Dr.Aarthi Sathishkumar is a renowned Dermatologist / Cosmetologist and a leading Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, who has done her MBBS in Vinayaka Mission Medical College Salem, MD, (DVL) from SRM Institute of Medical Science Kattangalathur, Kanchipuram. She has transformed numerous patient’s lives through her treatments.

Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar - d Dermatologist / Cosmetologist and a leading Aesthetic Medical Practitioner


Treatments available @ Auroraa

What People Say?

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Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar and Auroraa Clinic were absolutely amazing!. My problems were diagnosed and the procedures went very well and the results are amazing. Now i feel Healthy and Glowing. I highly recommend Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar.

Dhenadhayalan Patient Skin Fungal Infection
Dhenadhayalan Patient (Skin:Fungal Infection)

I was in the best care with Dr. Aarthi. She listened patiently and while undergoing the procedures she made sure that i felt comfortable and she is frequently checking if I'm feeling any discomfort. such a Doctor is hard to find these days.

Mythili Ramachandran Patient Skin Allergy
Mythili Ramachandran Patient (Skin: Allergy)

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