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ABOUT - Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic (6)
ABOUT - Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic (5)

Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

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Auroraa Clinic is Chennai’s Well Renowned Skin and Cosmetic Clinic with certified medical and aesthetic professionals focusing on transforming lives of people of all ages, with expertise spanning dermatology, hair care and cosmetology treatments.

At Auroraa, we offer High Quality Treatments & Advanced Technology Procedures by using state of the art Equipment and well trained and certified Professionals that are hard to find in India., At Auroraa we also provide treatments based on each individual’s wants and needs thus ensuring comfortable treatment schedules and optimum results.


We Do?

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As our motto “Glowing skin, glowing Life” we believe in rendering glowing skin and natural beauty to our customers hence we take great care to enhance your good looks and attractiveness to help you look Younger, Radiant & Glowing.

We provide all our skincare treatments & procedures at the most affordable prices you could find in and around Chennai, India.

As of today, Auroraa Clinic has served over millions of clients from all around the world, establishing trust and marking an excellent reputation among them. Our doctors are specialized in cosmetic injections and skin care treatment by combining state-of-the-art techniques to enable us to provide bespoke treatment plans aiming to satisfy patient needs.

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Vision | Mission | Team

Everything One Has to Know About the Auroraa Clinic

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality skin care services with a team of our qualified and experienced professionals. We believe in continuous upgradation with our team comprising of Aesthetic Doctors, Beauty therapists & other medical professionals, who help you in delivering the advanced treatments to the highest level of proficiency & expertise.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to all our patients by not only offering the best treatments possible but also conduct the highest standards of treatment with utmost care and attention in a friendly, warm, welcoming and safe ambience. Moreover, we delight in providing peace of mind in a luxurious setting to make you feel truly special and help you achieve your desired results.

Our Team

At Auroraa Clinic, we pride ourselves on sourcing the talented people from a variety of different fields being at the heart of innovative aesthetic treatments. Our expert team ensures that each and every person who walks through our doors gets to receive an extensive service, application and expertise from a wide array of advanced aesthetic treatments.

Safety Measures followed by us

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At Auroraa Clinic, Chennai we have adopted safety measures with a proactive approach by focusing mainly on patient safety s at the heart of everything we do.

The advent of COVID-19 has given rise to the landscape of the aesthetics and cosmetology being changed forever.  The intimate nature of this clinic combined with the contact made with equipment and customers, has meant that this medical industry has needed even more regulation and guidance.

At Auroraa Clinic, we have always strived to ensure the best clinical practices, as our clinic is a home to healthcare professionals to perform medical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Laser & hair Procedures

Protocols Implemented by us

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We have implemented these protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and to reassure the public of the measures taken by us to ensure the best possible practices are followed:  

  • Screening is done prior to treatment.
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitiser who enter the premises. 
  • Thoroughly cleaning all facilities, equipment and surfaces to provide an aseptic environment, by using anti-viral surface spray.
  • Use of PPE, gloves, facemasks & visors by all staff when they get in contact with our clients.
  • Customers will be called to confirm their scheduled appointment to minimise time waiting in-clinic. 
  • Strict adherence to government norms & practices on COVID-19.
Chemical Peel & Electrocautery Procedures

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Let our professional team of medical experts assist you through skin journey. Opt for skin analysis to understand more about your skin and identify measures on how to improve the skin health. We will offer impartial and reliable advice by guiding you through correct treatments and skin care regime, in line with your budget.


What People Say?

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Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar and Auroraa Clinic were absolutely amazing!. My problems were diagnosed and the procedures went very well and the results are amazing. Now i feel Healthy and Glowing. I highly recommend Dr. Aarthi SathishKumar.

Dhenadhayalan Patient Skin Fungal Infection
Dhenadhayalan Patient (Skin:Fungal Infection)

I was in the best care with Dr. Aarthi. She listened patiently and while undergoing the procedures she made sure that i felt comfortable and she is frequently checking if I'm feeling any discomfort. such a Doctor is hard to find these days.

Mythili Ramachandran Patient Skin Allergy
Mythili Ramachandran Patient (Skin: Allergy)

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