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How to Prevent Pimples on Face?

How to prevent pimples on Face
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How to prevent pimples on Face?

Acne can be a common skin disorder that results in several types of blemishes. Some can be in the form of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. If you consult with the best acne doctor in Chennai, they will provide you with many tips for reducing pimples or acne on the face.

Factors of developing acne:

Dermatologists have identified four factors that develop acne

  • The skin producing too much oil, it can clog pores
  • Developing of dead skin cells 
  • The presence of a bacteria 
  • Redness or inflammation on the skin.

The best Dermatologist can help to identify which factor or combination of factors causes acne on your skin. However, there are many methods of treatment and prevention which are similar, regardless of the cause. 

12 Tips for reducing pimples on the face:

The following tips can aid you in protecting your skin against acne and reducing the number of breakouts. Some are listed below:

Wash your face twice daily

There is a popular belief that acne can rarely be the result of a dirty face. If you ask the best acne doctor in Chennai regarding this, they will suggest you wash your face regularly with a mild cleanser and warm water. 

Tips for reducing pimples on the face can be effective if you apply an oil-free moisturizer after washing your face. At the same time, don’t wash it often because it can aggravate pimples.

Avoid harsh scrubbing

Some people use rough cloth pads or washcloths to scrub their skin. This has to be highly avoided as it can irritate the skin and cause inflammation, making acne breakouts get worse than before.

 Applying a gentle cleanser with clean hands or a soft brush on the face can help to prevent pimples.

How to prevent pimples on Face

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Keep your hair clean

The best acne doctor in Chennai is usually advised to avoid excess oil in the hair as it can travel to the skin, and it can worsen acne at the same time. Regular washing of the hair can stop acne from developing, especially are close to the hairline. 

Refrain from getting products such as hair gel or spray on the face as it is one of the most important tips for reducing pimples on the face. 

Refrain from picking or popping at pimples

Generally, when you have pimples on your face it tempts you to squeeze a pimple, but this can result in inflammation and scarring. 

To reduce the appearance of blemishes, opt for a topical treatment instead. This may take some time for the best results, but they can also prevent new pimples from forming.

Apply topical treatments

Over-the-counter treatments such as creams or serums, particularly when they tend to occur in certain areas like the chin, nose, forehead, etc. 

Treatments for purchase online may often contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These products will not be as potent as prescription-strength treatments, but they can be considered as one of the tips for reducing pimples on the face.

Consider topical retinoids

Topical retinoids contain medicines derived from vitamin A manage and prevent acne. These treatments help in getting rid of excess dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. 

Most of the topical retinoids can be acquired only with prescriptions that include tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova), and tazarotene (Tazorac). However, adapalene (Differin), a retinoid medication, is available for purchase online or over the counter.

Talk to the best dermatologist 

Always consult the best acne doctor in Chennai and get to know about the topical antibiotics to treat inflammatory acne by using the antibiotics like erythromycin and clindamycin. This can overcome the redness or irritation. 

At the same time, be aware of certain medications like Spironolactone which is used to treat high blood pressure and also severe acne, but it has certain possible side effects.

Avoid foods linked to acne

Certain research suggests that for certain patients some foods may trigger acne. The best acne doctors in Chennai are not certain of the connection between acne and food. The most useful; tip for reducing pimples on the face is to avoid foods that have a high glycaemic index which is sugary and higher in carbohydrates like cookies, cakes, and pies

Also, Dairy products, especially skim milk, may also increase acne. A person must cut back on a particular food group, to see if their skin improves.

Use sunscreen lotion and avoid skincare products

Avoid exposure to the sun on your skin as it causes many damaging effects on the skin. Sunburn leads to overproduction of oils making the acne worse. Using oil-free sunscreen with SPF 15 may help in preventing sunburns and exacerbating acne. 

Skincare products have oil that can clog the pores. They don’t use much natural oil and are usually labeled as “non-comedogenic.” Avoid touching household grease or cooking oils as it can also clog pores.

Refrain from excess exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin by consulting with the best acne doctor in Chennai because it can be one of the effective tips for reducing pimples on the face. This removes dead cells from the skin but too much exfoliation can worsen breakouts at the same time

It can occur when a person removes too much natural oil from the skin which clogs pores and leads to more pimples. If a person is exfoliating too much, the skin may become irritated or feel very tight after each wash.

Reducing stress

Stress often causes inflammation on the skin, which can make breakouts worse. Certain practices such as meditating, exercising, practicing yoga, relaxing before a nap, spending time with nature, and engaging in hobbies may help you prevent acne.

Keep facial care products clean

One of the most essential tips for reducing pimples is to keep your skin free from makeup before going to bed

Facial sponges and brushes should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water to prevent a build-up of bacteria because it could lead to breakouts. Make sure that brushes are completely dry before every use.

Cleaning the skin regularly and gently, avoiding contact with oil, and selecting skincare products carefully can help to reduce acne to a great extent. If none of the above tips for reducing pimples shows improvement in your skin after trying you have to consult the best acne doctor in Chennai for further recommendations.

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