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Chemical Peels Treatment  in Chennai


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In the present era, the quick and effective way to treat acne, scars, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and a whole host of other aesthetic issues is to opt for the chemical peels treatment in Chennai. 

Chemical Peels Treatment  in Chennai


A chemical peel Chennai is done with a mixture of  non-toxic chemicals used  at varied intensities and applied to the skin by a dermatologist to treat a wide range of skin texture and tone issues. 

Chemical peels treatment  in Chennai


* Pyruvic peel – a medium level peel for treating acne and sun damage. * Glycolic peel – a multi-purpose peel to tackle a wide range of skin issues. * Salicylic peel – a chemical peel to clear oily skin, clogged pores, etc and is mostly suited for dry skin.

Types of Chemical peels treatment in Chennai


* Lactic peel – a chemical peel to treat sensitive and dry skin * TCA peel  – a classic chemical peel to improve skin tone and texture. * Jessner’s peel – a blend of peels which is more prominent for sun damage. * Mandelic peel – a peel distilled from bitter almonds which has slow penetration. * Nomelan peel – a blend of peels done for epidermal skin restoration.

Types of Chemical peels treatment in Chennai


Chemical peels treatment in Chennai is the procedure done by talented dermatologists for patients who require surface-level treatment.  

Benefits Of Chemical Peeling  in Chennai


We at Auroraa Clinic are equipped with modern equipment, experienced dermatologists, and extensively trained therapists to serve the clients who approach them with strict and safe protocols. 

Why choose Auroraa Clinic for chemical peeling in Chennai?


Usually, chemical peel Chennai can incur a cost between Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,500 per session depending on the skin condition and specific type of chemical peel. 

Chemical Peels Treatment Cost  in Chennai


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