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Hair Treatments  in Chennai


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Chennai, being the capital of Tamil Nadu, is termed as the ‘Gateway to the south’.  It has a rich heritage with more industrial areas, and educational institutions and moreover represents a perfect blend of tradition & modernity socially.

Hair Treatments in Chennai


At Auroraa Clinic you can revive and fortify therapy  which deeply strengthens hair root, fiber, and scalp to prevent it from breakage, restores your appearance as the most precious jewel. 

Best Hair Treatments  in Chennai


– Laser therapy – Platelet-rich plasma – Scalp reduction – Hair transplant surgery – Stem cell therapy – PRP treatment for hair lo – Hair nutri infusion therapy

Hair Growth Treatment in Chennai


Around 35 million men and 25 million women are suffering from hair loss. It’s not at all a matter of grave concern, but if you keep ignoring it for a long time, you may surely go bald. 

Hair Fall Treatment in Chennai


Most people these days suffer from hair loss at some point or other in their life.  Hair treatments in Chennai are about preventing your hair from falling. This may include certain medications, surgery, or therapies.


Hair Fall Treatment in Chennai

*It will boost your self-esteem and confidence * It stimulates hair growth than before *It is cost-efficient *It’s can be a long-term remedy for those who are suffering from persistent hair loss

Benefits of getting hair treatments in Chennai


The risk factors are: – Bleeding – Bruising – Swelling – Infection

Risk Factors of hair treatments in Chennai


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