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How to Prevent Pimples on Face?


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1. The skin producing too much oil, it can clog pore 2. Developing of dead skin cells  3. The presence of a bacteria  4.Redness or inflammation on the skin.

Factors of developing acne:


There is a popular belief that acne can rarely be the result of a dirty face. If you ask the best acne doctor in Chennai regarding this, they will suggest you wash your face regularly with a mild cleanser and warm water. 

Wash your face twice daily


Some people use rough cloth pads or washcloths to scrub their skin. This has to be highly avoided as it can irritate the skin and cause inflammation, making acne breakouts get worse than before.

Avoid harsh scrubbing


The best acne doctor in Chennai is usually advised to avoid excess oil in the hair as it can travel to the skin, and it can worsen acne at the same time. Regular washing of the hair can stop acne from developing, especially are close to the hairline. 

Keep your hair clean


Generally, when you have pimples on your face it tempts you to squeeze a pimple, but this can result in inflammation and scarring. 

Refrain from picking or popping at pimple


Over-the-counter treatments such as creams or serums, particularly when they tend to occur in certain areas like the chin, nose, forehead, etc.

Apply topical treatment


Topical retinoids contain medicines derived from vitamin A manage and prevent acne. These treatments help in getting rid of excess dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. 

Consider topical retinoid


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