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Skin Care Clinic in Chennai


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At Auroraa Clinic, we  provide the best skin treatment in Chennai with aesthetic and classical dermatology.  An individual will always need a dermatologist who is experienced, understanding, and supportive.

Skin Care Clinic in Chennai


We offer skincare in  Chennai on aesthetic medicine, advanced laser treatments and ambulant surgeries. At Auroraa skin care in Chennai

Our Features of Skin Care Clinic in Chennai 


Our sound experience in Fillers, PRP, Botox, Scar and Revision Treatments attracts patients to get a comprehensive treatment in this skin care clinic in Chennai.

Our Features of Skin Care Clinic in Chennai 


The main aim of acne skin treatment in Chennai is to reduce oil production in the skin, increase skin cells turnover, fight skin infection caused by bacteria, and reduce skin inflammation.

Acne Treatment


Our skin is exposed to sun, dust, pollution, and many more. We need to exfoliate the tanned skin at regular intervals by getting skin treatment  Chennai to regain the  natural luster and shine.

Skin Polishing


Traditional methods of hair removal can be tedious, expensive, painful, and  time-consuming.  We adapt all types of latest laser technologies based on the client’s skin texture,

Laser Hair Removal


Icoone can be used as an effective skin treatment in Chennai to treat the whole body, and the most delicate areas (like eyes, neck, inner arms, inner thighs, bust),  which is totally pain-free and gives a sensation of wellness and relaxation.



Coolsculpting skin  treatment in Chennai is a non-surgical contouring procedure to freeze the stubborn fat by a natural method to eliminate it from your body.



Skin Tightening offers the most advanced development for skin lightening and facial lifting.  You can see effective results from the very first skin treatment in Chennai .

Skin Tightening


Auroraa Clinic is Chennai’s Well Renowned Skin and Cosmetic Clinic with certified medical and aesthetic professionals

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